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From: Nicholas Robinson <>
Date: Wed Dec 01 2004 - 20:49:41 CET


KB and NW 'share' a classroom called, for historical reasons, "M" - although
NW doesn't teach indoors very often as he is the head of sports! I don't use
rooms called NW or KB now but don't recall tablix giving errors to say that I
had. Running doesnotwork.xml against tablix doesn't give any errors with the
mistake in it. Should it? Even with -d 4 it is silent.

I've tried running it with mandatory set to yes and no - yes by accident since
setting it to no is how I am getting timetable output to look at when I can't
get it to go to zero errors. Afterwards, I sometimes set the wrong ones back
to no and I think that is what happened here. Is this the best way of getting
intermediate output so that you can try to spot errors?

I've left it running all day with subject_preferred set to no, I also added in
some spare rooms and a spare laboratory (that don't exist) just to give the
timetable some more slack. I went back to tablix-0.1.0 just to make sure it
wasn't subject_preferred that was playing up. Attached is the timetable - 4
timeplace errors and 3 double-period errors. In one case, for class 1A, there
is one 'hole' in the timetable and there is a lesson Games1 missing from the
timetable. Even if it can't schedule Games1 and Games2 as a double-period,
shouldn't it put it in the timetable somewhere?



On Wednesday 01 December 2004 16:31, Tomaz Solc wrote:
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> Hi
> | Am I right in thinking that the cause of timeplace errors is simply
> | that tablix can't find enough rooms with the right
> | capability/capabilities in order to allocate lessons that are
> | otherwise okay to be at the same time?
> I have two comments about your XML files:
> Both files are missing definitions for classrooms KB and NW.
> You've set the module "" as mandatory. This means
> that the "preferred-room" restriction actually orders Tablix to schedule
> this subject in the specified room. I'm sure this is the reason why
> Tablix can't find the solution for "doesnotwork.xml" (too many tuples
> must be scheduled in a certain room).
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> Tomaz Solc
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