gtablix 0.0.02-rc2

From: Boštjan Špetič <>
Date: Wed Dec 01 2004 - 12:00:51 CET

hi all

i'm preparing a new release of gtablix, the graphical user interface to tablix.
this release is somewhat inspired by the response of Nicholas Robinson.

among several bugfixes, featurefixes (apparently it didn't read in the tuple restrictions) and bug-adds, a added:
- notes: every line of every list can now have a note, which becomes a xml comment before the input.
- tablix generated timetables preview and export: preview of individual timetables and export in simple html and the tablix_output formats.
- replaced the old fileselection with the new filechooser. you'll learn to like it... :)

i'll be off this week, but i'd ask you, to test it, especially the open/save and imnport/export capabilities with some hard timetables. i'd like these features to be reliable.

regards, bostjan
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