Re: [tablix-list] Further Qs

From: Nicholas Robinson <>
Date: Tue Nov 30 2004 - 23:04:18 CET

After my mistake on my other email of last evening, I thought I'd better check
this one to make sure I hadn't done something similar. Lo and behold, I
forgot to attach the files. Oh dear, it must have been a bad night.... Well,
on reflection probably no worse than usual!

I've gone ahead and implemented the simpler approach of allocating the extra
teacher to the English and Maths sets and doing away with the extra
complexity - and so the second attachment is the whole file rather than a
subset. It seems much more maintainable this way. I'm doing as suggested in
the documentation and tweaking the weights to get down to zero errors.

Am I right in thinking that the cause of timeplace errors is simply that
tablix can't find enough rooms with the right capability/capabilities in
order to allocate lessons that are otherwise okay to be at the same time?

I had a quick look at seeing if my more-rooms suggestion was easy, but if it
is the same sort of thing as more-teachers then it seems non-trivial!

On Monday 29 November 2004 22:08, Nicholas Robinson wrote:
> I've done some more work and it appears that it is the number of classes
> for each year that is causing the problems - or their relationships as
> described by 'same-time-as' and 'conflicts-with'.
> My email of Saturday last explains the requirement.
> I think attachment "doesnotwork.xml" is correct in that it implements the
> requirement correctly in terms of timetable/classes; but although tablix
> terminates with 0 errors, there are holes in the timetable that shouldn't
> be there.
> Attachment "sets.xml" is incorrect as far as describing the requirement,
> because although it schedules two teachers for the English and Maths
> lessons, it only allocates one room - but it does result in a reasonable
> and complete timetable.
> I don't know if "doesnotwork" is an error on my part or has revealed a
> limitation of tablix.
> If there was a 'more-rooms' restriction in the same way as 'more-teachers'
> then I could implement the requirement completely using my "sets.xml"
> approach - and in fact this is probably more appropriate in the way the
> classes work. It certainly makes the input file much easier to read!
> Regards
> Nick

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