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From: Nicholas Robinson <nprREMOVE@THISbottlehall.freeserve.co.uk>
Date: Mon Nov 29 2004 - 23:08:09 CET

I've done some more work and it appears that it is the number of classes for
each year that is causing the problems - or their relationships as described
by 'same-time-as' and 'conflicts-with'.

My email of Saturday last explains the requirement.

I think attachment "doesnotwork.xml" is correct in that it implements the
requirement correctly in terms of timetable/classes; but although tablix
terminates with 0 errors, there are holes in the timetable that shouldn't be

Attachment "sets.xml" is incorrect as far as describing the requirement,
because although it schedules two teachers for the English and Maths lessons,
it only allocates one room - but it does result in a reasonable and complete

I don't know if "doesnotwork" is an error on my part or has revealed a
limitation of tablix.

If there was a 'more-rooms' restriction in the same way as 'more-teachers'
then I could implement the requirement completely using my "sets.xml"
approach - and in fact this is probably more appropriate in the way the
classes work. It certainly makes the input file much easier to read!


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