Re: [tablix-list] Multiple Instances of modules

From: Nicholas Robinson <>
Date: Sat Nov 27 2004 - 07:10:05 CET

Hi Tomaz

Thank you very much for this change. I've downloaded it and am putting the
necessary additions into my input file.

I'm putting something the following in....

                <restriction type="preferred-classroom">JW</restriction>

Tablix isn't objecting so I'll finish it off and have a go.

Thanks again,


On Friday 26 November 2004 13:14, Tomaz Solc wrote:
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> Hi again
> | Some classes MUST be taught in particular rooms (e.g. Science), but
> | for other lessons, we try to schedule teachers to teach in their own
> | rooms. However, this isn't always possible. So, it would be good if I
> | could differentiate between the two when defining the input file. Or
> | is there a better way?
> I've just added some code to the module so that you
> can now also choose a preferred classroom for a subject.
> You can use (with "mandatory" set to "yes") for
> Science, etc. and (with "mandatory" set to "no")
> for other lessons.
> The modified module is available from my CVS server.
> Best regards
> Tomaz Solc
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