reserved periods for teachers

From: Richard Taylor <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 2004 - 05:18:38 CET


Can anyone suggest a way to reserve a period in which a given teacher
should NOT be scheduled to teach? -- e.g., if they're scheduled for
non-teaching duties during a certain period?

I've tried one method: defining a subject called 'reserved', and forcing
tablix to schedule a given teacher to 'teach' that class in a certain
period. But this means also assigning a corresponding room, which leads
to unnecessary complications in avoiding room conflicts, since in
reality there is no room associated with a 'reserved' period. I guess
one could define a special 'reserved' room for each teacher for this
purpose, but this seems unnecessarily complicated. Is there a more
elegant solution?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Richard Taylor
Okanagan University College
Salmon Arm BC, Canada
Received on Wed Nov 24 05:23:02 2004

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