Re: [tablix-list] Hard Timetable

From: John Winters <>
Date: Tue Nov 23 2004 - 08:27:49 CET

> Hi
> I'm just starting to use tablix. I have created an input file that matches
> our existing timetable (so I know that
> there is a solution!) but tablix can only get down to 17 mandatory errors
> after repeated trials - including one
> overnight run of 8 hours on 12 nodes.
> Is there any way I can find out exactly which 'errors' remain (like you
> can, say, in FET) even though tablix
> hasn't reached a solution?
> It may be that the problem is simply too hard - our teachers teach over
> 90% of lessons and the classes do not
> have any free lessons.
> I can forward the input file to anyone who's interested.

I'd be quite interested to see the input file.

Can't you stop the run, generate an output file and see what the problems

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