Re: [tablix-list] schooltool bounty and/or bakeoff

From: Tom Hoffman <>
Date: Fri Oct 29 2004 - 04:44:51 CEST

Thanks for your input, John!

On Thu, 28 Oct 2004 09:01:22 +0100, John Winters <> wrote:

> We don't allow students to pick times - that all comes out automatically
> from the subject choices which they make.
> To go into a bit more detail, the common method which I've seen (and
> which I've been considering implementing as an enhancement to Tablix
> because there doesn't seem to be direct support for it at present) is to
> give students a list like this:
> Group A
> English, Maths, Geography, History, French, Physics
> Group B
> English, Maths, French, Chemistry, Latin, PE
> Group C
> Physics, Chemistry, Biology, PE, Business Studies
> Group D
> History, Geography, French, Physics
> (Note, I just made these up and I can see looking at them that they
> wouldn't actually be feasible, but I hope to give the general idea.)
> The students can then pick one subject from each group (often called
> columns) and their choices will then dictate their timetables. If they
> can't get their desired choices by taking one from each group then they
> can't do that particular combination - although the lists are designed
> to make almost all likely combinations possible.

OK. I've never seen it _explicitly_ done like this in the US, where
the students literally chose from groups like that, but the overall
system is more similar than different. I've always worked at rural or
urban schools that had relatively few choices, actually, so I don't
know what processes administrators in larger American schools might
use. I'd imagine they'd have to have some kind of similar guidelines
for students, but I'm not sure.

> The timetabling task is then simply to schedule all the lessons in such
> a way that when a lesson from column A is happening, no lesson from any
> other column may happen, etc. Any subject which appears in two
> different columns will have two sets of classes for it, and the column
> from which you select the subject dictates which class you will attend.

I'm still not sure if this step is done by Tablix or some other means.

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