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From: Tomaz Solc <>
Date: Wed Oct 27 2004 - 18:13:31 CEST


> So does one extend the format using namespaces?

No. Each module defines new types of <restriction> tags. These
restrictions can then be applied to groups of students, classrooms,
subjects and individual tuples (subject-student group pairs). There is a
document type definition file in the distribution (examples/tablix.dtd),
if you are interested in the exact definition.

> Basically, each student's schedule is unique, depending on their needs
> and interests, similar to what you'd have in a university. Except
> that in a university, decisions about which classes and sections a
> student takes are made by the student, and are more or less first
> come, first served. In American high schools, typically, the student
> can express some preferences, but each students particular combination
> of classes and sections is determined by the school.

If I understand correctly, this can already be done with Tablix. Using
the "conflicts-with" type of restriction, it can be defined that certain
groups of subjects can never be scheduled at the same time.

The example configuration "sample.xml" that is included in the Tablix
distribution is modelled after a typical high school in Slovenia, where
each student in the last two years (3rd and 4th year) must choose which
two out of a number of optional classes she will attend. All students
also attend a number of mandatory classes. In this example, students can
choose from FIZ, KEM, BIO and so on. But all students must attend SJK
and MAT for example.

In the XML file, the group of students in the 3rd year that chose FIZ is
represented by 3-MA-FIZ. This group is set to conflict with the group
3-A for example, which represents one part of all students in the 3rd
year and includes mandatory classes like SJK and MAT.

Best regards
Tomaz Solc

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