Re: [tablix-list] schooltool bounty and/or bakeoff

From: Tom Hoffman <>
Date: Wed Oct 27 2004 - 16:36:44 CEST

On Wed, 27 Oct 2004 10:38:08 +0200, Tomaz Solc <> wrote:
> Hi
> > abstract and mathematical. My superficial impression of Tablix's XML
> > is that it isn't comprehensive enough to do everything we need to do.
> > We want to include individual student scheduling, as you'd do in an
> > American high school, for example. SchoolTool is a very international
> > project, so we aim to create basic building blocks which can serve a
> > wide variety of school designs.
> The basic XML format that Tablix is using is so simple because it only
> needs to describe the most basic school information (this information I
> think is common to all schools). Everything else is provided as
> extensions to this format in form of modules.
> My experience shows that it is very impractical to have a format that
> tries to fit all schools. There are huge differences in timetable
> restrictions even between individual schools in my country. I guess they
> are even bigger on the international scale. This is the main reason I
> wrote Tablix as modular as possible, which includes the XML format. This
> way the developers don't need to implement a feature that will be used
> only in one or two schools, because the school can implement that
> itself.

So does one extend the format using namespaces?

> Can you please explain or give a link to a page where this individual
> student scheduling is explained? I don't think we have anything like
> this in our country, so I'm not familiar with it.

Basically, each student's schedule is unique, depending on their needs
and interests, similar to what you'd have in a university. Except
that in a university, decisions about which classes and sections a
student takes are made by the student, and are more or less first
come, first served. In American high schools, typically, the student
can express some preferences, but each students particular combination
of classes and sections is determined by the school.

> > We'll have to work out exactly how we'd handle the intellectual
> > property issues. Right now code paid for by the Shuttleworth
> > Foundation is the property of the foundation, and the copyright for
> > contributed code checked into the SchoolTool repository is shared
> > between the author and the Foundation. The code is licensed under the
> > GPL, but the Foundation reserves the right to issue commercial
> > licenses, with profits going back into the foundation's charitable
> > work.
> Last time I checked this means that the author gives 51% of the
> copyright to the Foundation and the code is then available under the
> SchoolTool license. This license is currently equal to GPL, but I didn't
> see any reasons why it can't be someday changed to something completely
> proprietary. This is something that is not really compatible with my
> view of free software.

The Foundation reserves the right to issue SchoolTool under a dual
licesnse, so that there will always be a free version of SchoolTool,
but there also might be commercial licenses.

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