gTablix 0.0.1 release notes

From: igzebedze <>
Date: Sun Aug 15 2004 - 15:24:29 CEST

gTablix 0.0.1 release notes

After some unnecesary complications and some finishing touches from Tomaz,
I finally got to release the first version of gTablix - the graphical user
interface (GUI) for Tablix.

In it's current state, it is capable of:
        - reading and writing proper Tablix formatted XML file
        - inspecting the system for Tablix modules and using the modules in
the most general though user unfriendly way
        - importing and exporting lists of teachers, classes, subjects and
classrooms to and from a text file

System requirements:
        - perl: written with 5.8, I don't know wheter all the neccesary
modules work with earlier versions
        - perl modules: Gtk2-perl, Glib, XML::DOM
        - tablix 0.0.8 (because of tablix_modinfo)
Perl module are best installed trough CPAN, by running "perl -mcpan
-shell", and then "install Gtk2",... Read the documentation on CPAN on

        - remove plenty of bugs the users will find
        - add plenty of features the users will request
        - run tablix trough gui and draw convergence graphs in real-time
        - write the documentation (this could do any willing user though... ;
        In not-so-near-future:
        - implement result timetable managment
I'll be off for the rest of this week, so I expect plenty of questions
when I come back ;). Tomaz gets around this code quite well, so he could
help you with your problems.
If you know perl feel free to snoop around and fix anything you like. Send
in a patch if you do, so others will have something of it too. gTablix is
free software, covered by the GPL.

You can download gTablix 0.0.1 from:
You can address any question to tablix mailing list or my e-mail:
The first option is preffered though.
regards, Bostjan Spetic
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