Re: [tablix-list] Graphical user interface

From: John Winters <>
Date: Sun Aug 01 2004 - 22:14:25 CEST

On Sun, 2004-08-01 at 18:36, Tomaz Solc wrote:
> Hi
> Bostjan sent me a development version of his new graphical user
> interface for Tablix. Since it is not quite ready for a public release
> I've made a few screen shots. You can find them at the following
> address.
> If you have any comments or suggestions about the interface, please let
> the author now. You can post them here on the mailing list or contact
> Bostjan directly.

Looks good. One suggestion - as the UI seems to be intended to be in
English, analysis is spelled with a y.

Looking forward to being able to play with a working version.

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