Re: [tablix-list] Tablix needs your help (appendix)

From: Jaume Obrador <>
Date: Fri Jun 25 2004 - 07:33:01 CEST


I forgot: you can check tablix results for "Col.legi Sant Alfons" at


On dj, 2004-06-24 at 21:49, Tomaz Solc wrote:
> Hi everyone
> Slovenian Ministry of information society ( is trying to
> stimulate the development of open source projects and is carrying out a
> public tender with the aim to award the best projects. I will be
> applying with the Tablix project.
> Now I need some examples of Tablix being used in foreign
> schools/organizations to include them in my application. So, if you are
> already using or only considering to use Tablix in your school, please
> write a few lines about your expirience and send them either to the
> mailing list or directly to me. Mention somewhere your
> school/organization.
> I would like to thank all of you that have already sent me such reports
> in the past. I need your permission before I can include them in the
> application, so please send me an email and just mention that you allow
> this.
> Thank you and best regards
> Tomaz Solc
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