Which file to take as output?

From: John Winters <johnREMOVE@THISsinodun.org.uk>
Date: Sat Jun 05 2004 - 21:47:31 CEST

Hi there,

I'm experimenting with the idea of using Tablix for our school

I've configured a small cluster of machines and successfully got Tablix
to process the sample.xml input file. (Clocking 1400 gpm, it took a bit
under an hour. I don't know exactly how long - I wasn't there when it

As output I now have 12 .xml files - I specified 12 nodes for input.
Each of them seems to be capable of producing an output file with
tablix_output. Which one should I be using?

Supplementary question - how does one produce a graph like the ones on
the Tablix web page?

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