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From: Pablo Ruiz Múzquiz <>
Date: Sat May 29 2004 - 12:27:12 CEST

El sáb, 29-05-2004 a las 11:32, igzebedze escribió:
> hello, ipm new to this list...

> i would probably do it in perl/gtk, later on maybe also as a web-interface


I'm new here too but I'm already working on a similar project which
already has a GUI.
It's written in java because it's a standalone app with no links to
nodes. Now, I'm planning to distribute the calculus through a network
using Grid computing and my current GUI concept trembles.

I've decided to implement a simple webserver in the Master node and
generate statistics, node info, "run, don't run" buttons in a dynamic
way (such as a PHP webpage) that is rendered each time some change
occurs (or a user event is detected).

It think that besides the initial effort of developing a simple web
server (just 10 lines in python code, it's a pitty I must use Java) the
data managment turns to be quite flexible, mainly because there's such
variability in load of info you display depending on n factors that GTK
widgets (or QT) appears to be a non-natural solution.

Other than this, a webserver is pretty cross-platform and every major OS
has some sort of web browser.

You can see the deprecated java GUI at
which shows a non-distributive app trying to calculate the best
examination calendar for 50 subjects in 3 weeks (september exams). I'm
sorry that's in spanish, I'll try to make it multilingual (same goes for
the webpage).

Lunes / Martes /Miércoles etc go for Monday / Tuesday, etc.
Mañana means Morning
Tarde means Afternoon.

The "Iteración nº10 de 50 (no hay mejora)" = "Iteration no10 of 50 (no

Just my 2 ct.

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