Various teachers per tuple

From: Jaume Obrador <>
Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 18:07:05 CEST


I used a kacked version of tablix-0.0.2 last summer, as you remember and
I was very pleased of tablix results. I would like to use new
tablix-0.0.7 or newest, so all changes I made to 0.0.2 will have to be
done again. I'll explain you this to see if they could be featured into

Well basically I added the option of allowing 2 or more teachers
teaching the same subject in a class, so in source xml there appeared
something like this:

    <class year="2" name="Comu"/>
    <subject title="Tecnologia" teacher="Massot, Maties, Jaume"
    <subject title="Optativa" teacher="Toni, Maties" perweek="2"/>
    <subject title="Religio" teacher="Biel, Maria, Catalina"
    <subject title="Catala" teacher="Margalida, Maria, Toni"

So I read a comma separated list of teachers and added the tuples
acording to this. As I remember I had to change data structure for a
tuple, making tid an array, and all expressions involving 'tid' must be
changed acording to this. (Sorry I can't remember the exactly way I did,
and I don't have source code at hand).

My question is if there is a possibility of introducing this feature
into tablix. I could help you if you need.

Thanks a lot,
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