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From: Pablo Ruiz Múzquiz <>
Date: Tue May 25 2004 - 23:34:05 CEST


El mar, 25-05-2004 a las 23:09, Tomaz Solc escribió:

> Simulated annealing was one of the algorithms I considered for Tablix,
> because some people from my university suggested that it might be
> better for solving timetable problems than genetic algorithms. At the
> end I decided to go with genetic algorithm because I understood it
> better (I studied biology and genetics in highschool at that time).

The opposite applies to me. I studied several years of Physics at
University and Simulated Annealing algorithms had some "physics beauty"
There something about state functions that fits extremely well in a
physics-like view.

> > It's writen in Java and it's GPL'd software.
> Great. I'll have a look when I'll have some more time (I'm not really
> fluent in Java). I have been playing with the thought of making Tablix
> even more modular, so that you can replace the whole genetic algorithm
> with some other algorithm for multivariable optimization.

I don't really like Java very much, but it's a must for the people I'm
developing this project (my University). My preferred programming
language is Python and I intend to port it to this language sometime in
the future.

> I'm really looking forward to this cooperation. If you have any
> questions please feel free to ask.

Thanks a lot. I hope you all find my approach useful.

Best regards,

Pablo Ruiz Múzquiz
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