Re: [tablix-list] Hello

From: Tomaz Solc <>
Date: Tue May 25 2004 - 23:09:38 CEST


> It's about Simulated Annealing algorithms (special algorithms branch)
> and it's application to Grid computing (a new kind of clustering) and,
> guess, the "test problem" is obtaining the best examination calendar
> for three of four university careers simultaneously (frebruary, june
> and september).

Simulated annealing was one of the algorithms I considered for Tablix,
because some people from my university suggested that it might be
better for solving timetable problems than genetic algorithms. At the
end I decided to go with genetic algorithm because I understood it
better (I studied biology and genetics in highschool at that time).

> It's writen in Java and it's GPL'd software.

Great. I'll have a look when I'll have some more time (I'm not really
fluent in Java). I have been playing with the thought of making Tablix
even more modular, so that you can replace the whole genetic algorithm
with some other algorithm for multivariable optimization.

> I'll see what can I contribute here and what help (in terms of
> documentation, mainly) may I get from Tablix.

I'm really looking forward to this cooperation. If you have any
questions please feel free to ask.

Best regards and best of luck with your project
Tomaz Solc

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