tablix over nfs

From: Jaume Obrador <>
Date: Tue May 25 2004 - 11:30:43 CEST


I want to run tablix on a cluster of 12 computers, sharing my home over
nfs, so my idea is to compile tablix on one machine and then run tablix
over pvm, bt withot having to install it on every machine of the

So I compiled fine tablix, and run pvm with hosts a host file like this:

jaume ep=/home/jaume/tablix-0.0.7/src/ sp=4000
pep ep=/home/jaume/tablix-0.0.7/src/ sp=2000

but the problem is that when I try to run tablix:

$ src/tablix -n 6 ../mytimetable/timetable.xml

I get 6 errors like this:

[40003:modsup] fatal: file not found

This means that the program can't find the modules generated in

Another question is: in timetable definition file the module names are,, ... *.so, but in ./modules the objects
created are sametime.o, timeplace.o, ... *.o, so I also tried to change
names in configuration files, but does'nt work.

Any ideas?
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