From: Pablo Ruiz Múzquiz <pabloREMOVE@THISelenya.net>
Date: Sat May 22 2004 - 12:25:42 CEST

Hello everyone,

I found this project very interesting as I'm working on a similar
project called SiGRID (http://sigrid.berlios.de, in spanish only yet and
limited info) that should allow me to finish my Computer Science degree
in Madrid.

It's about Simulated Annealing algorithms (special algorithms branch)
and it's application to Grid computing (a new kind of clustering) and,
guess, the "test problem" is obtaining the best examination calendar for
three of four university careers simultaneously (frebruary, june and

It's writen in Java and it's GPL'd software.

I'll see what can I contribute here and what help (in terms of
documentation, mainly) may I get from Tablix.

My ETA is 15th June, when I must read my work in front of university
professors. I'll change my programming style so as to fit english
readers perfectly.

Best regards,

Pablo Ruiz Múzquiz
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