Stable releases

Latest stable release is version 0.3.5. You can download the source code from the following location:


md5sum: 87f727ea5daa410c9bf293ab945e9bd7

You can also read the Change log and the Release announcement for this version. Installation instructions in Postscript format are included in the doc subdirectory in the package.

You will also need LibXML (at least version 2.4.3) and PVM3 even if you are going to run Tablix on a single machine.

Binary packages of stable releases for Debian GNU/Linux (Testing) (i386 and amd64 architectures) can be found at the following address:

If you would like to use apt to install or upgrade Tablix on a Debian system using these packages, add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list configuration file:

deb stable main

You will also need to import a GPG key used to sign the packages.

Please note that as of December 2005 a tablix2 package is also available from official Debian packages repositories. That package is maintained by Robert Lemmen and may differ from Debian packages provided by the author of Tablix.

Some binary packages for other operating systems are also available. See Third-party packages page on the Wiki.

Source packages of older stable releases are also available