Anonymous CVS access

You can also get the latest development version of Tablix from the anonymous CVS server. Use this only if you want to test new features or help with development. Sometimes the latest CVS version won't even compile and most of the time a lot of features are not working correctly.

CVS repository also includes several branches based on version 0.0.2 which were used to test some new ideas and never made it to the main trunk.

Use the following commands to checkout the latest version from the repository:

$ cvs -d login
$ cvs -d checkout tablix
$ git clone

(CVS repositories have been migrated to git in January 2014)

Before compiling make sure you have recent versions of automake and autoconf installed. To build the documentation, you will also need Jade, JadeTeX and TeX.

Following commands can then be used build and install Tablix:

$ cd tablix
$ make -f Makefile.cvs
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install