Fri Aug 24 11:07:00 CEST 2007

Using Bash completion

If you're running Tablix in GNU/Linux you're probably using Bash as your shell. Putting the following three lines in your .bashrc file will make it easier to use Tablix utilities with long command-line options:

complete -o default -W '--functions --conv-fitness --fit-fitness --scale' tablix2_plot
complete -o default -W '--file --dir --multi-file --multi-dir' tablix2_test
complete -o default -W '--single --multiple --graph --multi-graph' tablix2_benchmark

You can then use TAB key to complete options just like filenames. For example to type "tablix2_plot --conv-fitness" you can now only type "tablix2_pTAB --cTAB" and the shell will fill in the missing parts for you.

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