Fri Apr 7 16:00:44 CEST 2006

Design error in Tablix 0.3.1

An error in the design of the dependent tuples functionality was discovered. See the mailing list archive and this Wiki page for details.

With the default set of modules the problem only manifests itself when certain combinations of the and or modules are used. In those cases Tablix 0.3.1 may produce timetables that do not respect some restrictions given in the problem description file. Earlier versions are not affected since they do not support updater functions. The current CVS version of Tablix does not correct this issue, but should give a warning about a failed assertion if the final timetable is incorrect (Tablix must be compiled with the --enable-debug option for this warning to be displayed).

The part of the kernel API that deals with dependent tuples and updater functions will most likely be redesigned in the next release to fix this problem.

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