Fri Feb 24 11:40:23 CET 2006

Server downtime

Services at will be unavailable for a few hours on Sunday due to some hardware repairs on the server. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Mon Feb 20 23:38:03 CET 2006

Bug causes floating point exception

Denis Voskvitsov discovered a bug in Tablix 0.3.1 which causes a division by zero if a resource domain in a problem description is empty. This condition can for example arise from a "capability" restriction for an event that does not match any "capability" restrictions for classrooms and causes Tablix to lock up a few moments after starting (no progress indicator or error messages are shown). Tablix 0.3.0 most probably also has a similar bug.

This problem is now fixed in the CVS version.

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Thu Feb 9 17:52:15 CET 2006

Tablix 0.3.1 stable release

Tablix 0.3.1 is available for download (source distribution or Debian package).

This release adds support for updater functions to the kernel and fixes two important bugs. Genetic algorithm performance was also improved by implementing fitness value caching.

See release notes for more information.

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