Sat Apr 9 19:43:10 CEST 2005

Tablix 0.2.0 development release

The first development release of the 0.2.x branch is now available.

The kernel itself should be mostly stable by now, however I have only ported the two base modules and so I'm afraid this release isn't very useful to people that do not want get their hands dirty and dig into the code.

On the other hand if you are prepared to fix bugs or port some modules to the new API by all means give it a try. The executables and installation directories are renamed (tablix2, tablix2_output, etc.) so you can install the new branch alongside one of the stable releases. Be sure to read the README file included. It lists things that I know are not working correctly yet. Also I should warn you that from the example files included, only the sample2.xml will work.

Have fun!

Posted by Tomaz | Categories: Development