FCD scanner

18.09.2012 15:51

FCD scanner is a slow and simple implementation of a swept-tuned spectrum analyzer in Python. It can display received signal strength versus time versus frequency using a number of real-time visualizations and can also log measured data for later analysis.

It works by sweeping a radio receiver through a range of frequencies and measuring the signal power at the receiver output. Resolution bandwidth is determined by the channel filter used by the receiver and sweep time is limited by receiver settle time.

Two radio receivers are currently supported:


Spectrum of a DVB-T transmitter measured using FCD

See also this blog post for some background information.

The latest development version is available for download.

You can also get the Python source directly from the git repository using the command below.

$ git clone http://www.tablix.org/~avian/git/fcd_scanner.git

Refer to the README file included in the distribution for details on installation and use.